This video shows a project that can be adapted for simple or more complex use with Grades 1 - 6.

This video is targeted for grade 3/4 studies in light, shadow and reflection. Chalk pastel on hardboard canvas.

Hi my name is Rebecca and welcome to my channel!

I will be posting a variety of art related videos and I am so excited to teach you some tips, tricks, and ideas. I hope you enjoy! Follow me using the links below this text.

Visual Art is wordless communication...In my journey as an artist, I've often boxed myself in by certain techniques or subject matter that seemed safe and appealing to others... We often communicate what we think others want to hear. As I've worked with children who aren't inhibited in their artistic expression and experimented alongside them with such a wide variety of media, my artistic expressions have greatly changed! I seek to try what is less conventional, what captures my eye, interest and expresses that I am a person who both thinks in a linear, logical way as well as in explosions of colour and light. Layering through mixed media art has become one mode of communication by which to express depth, contrasts and emotion.

What inspires the thoughts that take form to become art? Spires atop wrought iron fences, the glint of gold in a child's blue iris, intricate lace in the veins of an autumn leaf, soul wrenching musical strains, sunlight dancing on sea waves, an eagle taking flight as you're about to capture his photo... the creative and beautiful exist all around us...if only we can look up from our smart phones :-)

God has created us to be masterpieces. He never wastes the broken shards; He grinds and refines, fuses and polishes. And then...if we trust Him to suspend us, to allow His light to shine through the cloudy glass, He reflects, refracts and fills a room with the warmth and brilliant colour of His love and beauty.

Rebecca Ellison

As a long term Child Advocate with Compassion Canada, I encourage you to take a look at their website and see the amazing things happening in children's lives that you can be a part of!!!